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Dr. Victor L. Horsley

Dr. Victor Horsley has been a licensed Doctor of Podiatric Medicine since 1984 when he received his Michigan State license.  He then received his Illinois DPM license in 1987. Dr. Horsley is a fellow of the American Podiatric Medical Association and Illinois Podiatric Medical Association and is a Board Member of The Academy of Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Surgery.

Dr. Horsley is on the faculty of RFU/Dr. William Scholl College of  Podiatric Medicine. As a member of their Capstone program teaching P3 students both rearfoot surgery and MIFAS in preparation of their residency programs. Dr. Horsley lectures and instructs DPMs, DOs, and MDs at the OLC, Orthopedic Learning Center in Rosemont, Illinois.

Area of Focus:

Dr. Horsley specializes in minimally invasive foot surgeries including bunions, hammer toe and heel spurs. His experience includes the treatment of various problems and deformities of the ankle and foot.


Beginning with undergraduate studies at Howard University, Dr. Horsley went on to complete his post-graduate studies on foot and ankle surgery and plastic reconstruction. He finished his medical training at Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine and followed with his Medical/Surgical Preceptorship at Sherwood Medical Center under Dr. Wayman David Jerkins.

Professional Speaker:

His offbeat and novel lectures never cease to inspire his colleagues and peers. Dr. Horsley focuses on topics which cover a wide range of interesting subjects concerning the prevention, treatment, and recuperation of the lower extremities.

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