When you are putting up with the pain caused by bunions, the type of shoes you wear can help alleviate a lot of your discomfort. Here are some of the features you should look for to get the best shoes for bunions, as recommended by podiatrists.

Mesh and Canvas Type Shoes

When searching for shoes that will help you live with bunions, you will want to pay close attention to the material from which they are made.

Rigid, inflexible materials will cause you more aggravation. The bunions will rub on the hard exterior, and the skin over the bunion will become inflamed and sore.

Instead, choose soft canvas, or shoes with a soft leather upper that have some give and flex when walking. The extra flexibility will also help add an extra layer of protection for the bunion by reducing the amount of pressure on the big toe joint.

The Best Shoes for Bunions Have Arch Support

Good arch support can reduce the pain and discomfort while also making it a little easier to walk with bunions. If you find an otherwise comfortable pair of shoes but they don’t have arch support, then purchasing insert soles with arch support may be an option.

Extra Cushioning

Shoes with a thicker than usual cushioning will put less pressure on the bunion. The bunion won’t experience any friction while you walk, which means it won’t become painfully inflamed. The added cushioning also means there won’t be as much pressure applied to the toes and front of the foot, so walking and running will be a lot more comfortable.

Wide Toe Box

Wearing shoes that are too narrow is thought to be one of the factors which bring about bunions in the first place, but a wide toe box will give the front of your foot more room and extra comfort. Only consider shoes where your big toe can wiggle freely, and it’s not pressing against the tip of the shoe when you walk.