Patient Reviews

“I love you all”

“Extremely friendly, helpful, above and beyond”

“Fantastic experience, you guys are great!”

“Staff was amazing, patient & very accommodating. I live in Texas & my husband & I traveled I believe 5 times out to Colorado. Each Time we felt very much at home & taken care of. Dr. Horsely was gracious, understanding with all follow ups & phone calls. I always felt he was listening & giving options for home care after my surgery. Any concerns he fully helped me with. Thank you, Dr. Horsely & staff. Looking Forward to Visting Soon!”

- Y. Medina Martinez

“Great Experience – Would recommend to anyone!!”

“We will miss you all!!!”

“Thank you for all the post-op informational support. Wonderful dynamic between staff and with patients.”

“Entire staff was incredible”

- D. Fleischman

“Wonderful doctors & staff”

“Am so excited with the whole procedure.”

“100% On Point. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

- R. Ruck

“Everything went well. When problems did arise the staff was right there to answer questions and/or get me in to be checked.”

- C. Rayner

“You guys were fantastic and it was a good experience all the way around.”

- T. Sweetman

“From beginning to end, this was a very positive experience. Great results & I have highly recommended you to several people. Thank you all!”

“The best team, no pain, I went to work the next day, caring staff”

- Keiko

“The staff is wonderful!”


- E. Shea

“Great staff! Friendly and easy to contact.”

“Everyone was so helpful and made me feel at home. Thank you!”

K. Gerett

“I have had 3 prior foot surgeries and this 4th one done by your facility was by far the least invasive and much less pain & recovery than before. Thank you!”

“Loved everyone! Sad to go! Will def refer friends & family! Thank you!”

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