Bunion pain can be an absolute nightmare. In some instances, it can become so bad that it may prevent people from completing basic daily activities. There are two ways to approach the issue of bunion relief: short-term methods and long-term solutions. Here, we’ll take a look at all of the ways people can prevent and reduce bunion pain both right away and on a permanent basis. 

Short-Term Bunion Relief

If you need relief from bunion pain now –– as in right now –– there are some common practices and products that may offer some degree of comfort. The first, and most basic action you can take, is to simply elevate the foot and apply an ice pack to the bunion in order to reduce some of the swelling. Beyond that, people may consider purchasing bunion pads, cushions, or shoe inserts. These are usually made of a soft material and may cut down on some of the pressure felt when a person with a bunion wears shoes. Additionally, people with bunions may also benefit from specially designed footwear to prevent bunion irritation. 

While these methods may offer some pain reduction in the short-term, they don’t do anything to treat the root cause of bunion pain. And, unfortunately, bunions don’t get better over time – they normally get worse. 

Please note that we do not recommend the use of bunion splints or correctors. These devices purport to re-align the foot and force bunions back into place. However, there’s essentially no evidence to suggest that they can do so. The same can be said of foot exercises to reduce current bunions. Once you have a bunion, it will only get worse over time without surgery.  

Long-Term Solutions

Bunion surgery is the best way to permanently remove bunions and eliminate foot pain. Traditional surgery procedures are extensive, drawn-out processes that require lots of rest and recovery time. They may force patients off their feet for weeks or even months at a time. Partly because of this, many people have opted for short-term bunion relief products –– even though they don’t cure bunions or provide long-term bunion relief.

At Northwest Surgery Center, we provide minimally invasive bunion surgery. Minimally invasive bunion surgery involves making small, ¼” incisions in the foot in order to remove the bunion. During this procedure, the surgeon is able to realign the foot joints. Best of all, this can all be done without damaging joints or tissue. So patients get the relief they desire from bunion pain, without having to deal with weeks or months of inconvenient recovery and recuperation. 

Post-Surgical Best Practices

Minimally invasive bunion surgery helps reduce the progression of more serious bunions in the future. Health-conscious patients can also use all of these techniques to prevent the formation of further bunions: 

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