Northwest Surgery Center offers minimally invasive bunion surgery in Denver for those looking to ease pain once and for all with a fast, safe, and highly effective procedure.

Bunions are a common medical condition that can cause moderate to severe pain and limit one’s ability to perform daily tasks and responsibilities such as walking, driving, exercising, and more. If you are tired of letting bunion pain hold you back from performing everyday responsibilities and doing the things you love, it’s time to seek treatment from the best bunion surgery clinic in Denver!

If you’ve put off seeking treatment for a painful orthopedic condition like bunions due to a reluctance to undergo surgery, a minimally invasive procedure at Northwest Surgery Center could be a great option for you. Our procedures are performed using local anesthesia and take around 90 minutes, including pre-operative preparation and post-operative care in our clinic. Most patients can walk out of the operating room and even drive home from our clinic following a minimally invasive procedure, and are able to return to work the following day. While traditional bunion surgery requires most patients to wear a cast or boot following a procedure and often leaves a patient to deal with stitches that cannot get wet, the recovery period after a minimally invasive bunion removal does not. Most patients report experiencing little to no pain in the weeks after surgery, and are able to resume their normal lives free from pain shortly after leaving our office.

When left untreated, bunions can worsen, and can lead to additional medical conditions or complications over time. It is important to treat a bunion right away in order to put a stop to pain and maintain optimal orthopedic health in the future! If you are dealing with symptoms that could be a result of bunions such as a bony bump or lump on the joint of your toe or difficulty walking, exercising, or performing other daily tasks, contact Northwest Surgery Center today! Our bunion experts can provide an accurate diagnosis and discuss your best options for treatment. 

Stop dealing with pain everyday and letting bunions hold you back from doing the things you love – get treatment and ease pain once and for all! Ready to learn more about minimally invasive bunion surgery in Denver? Contact Northwest Surgery Center to speak with a member of our team and schedule your first appointment today!