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Bunions can slow you down, and they often require surgery. Your mobility gives you the freedom to go out and explore the world around you. So, when patients find that even doing the most basic tasks in life are being affected, they generally seek the help of a professional. Some people even resort to DIY bunion correctors. Since the evolution of the humanity, undoubtedly history has witnessed and successfully treated various types of human deformities thanks to advancements in medical science; still, there are some who continue to exist even today. A bunion, a bony bump that usually forms on the joint, right at the base of the big toe is a common foot deformity that both men and women can suffer from; the odds of having a bunion climb for runners who are 36 and older. Bunion surgery has changed dramatically over the past few years, so don’t let fear keep you in pain.

There are so many theories concerning why bunions form; the actual cause is still unknown. The most likely factors include- foot injuries, deformities present at birth, inherited foot type, wearing tight or narrow footwear, etc. Further, people involved in professions like teaching and nursing, which require a lot of walking and standing, become even more susceptible to bunions. Same goes for athletes, dancers, as well as wearing high heels, which may be one reason why bunions are ten times more common in women!

Bunion Surgery Options and Treatments

While there are a lot of methods, inspired deeply by the traditional patterns, which are readily available out there to manage bunions, some may demand you to keep patience with the longest recovery time. Take MPJ fusion or a Lapidus bunionectomy, for example, may need you to wait up to 3 months to return to normal activities and regular shoes. These procedures may be useful, but the treatment plan involves a lot of pain bearing, hardware, and higher expenses.

Osteotomy, or bone cut, is another common procedure that is often used to treat bunion by holding the bones together and fixing them to the proper place with the help of two screws. This procedure too needs around 5-6 weeks to return to the regular shoe gear and daily activities. There are almost 40+ types of surgeries available to correct bunion problems. While we are only covering a few in this article, our primary goal is to enlighten bunion suffers from a lesser known option, called “a minimally invasive bunionectomy.”

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery- Could This Type of Surgery Be Better for You?

We at Northwest Surgery Center believe so. If treating your bunion least painfully with the fastest recovery time important to you, then read on. We are pioneers in Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery. We understand the busy schedules of our clients; our surgery takes only around an hour to perform. Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery typically requires no long time recovery because the small skin incision used to correct bone structure heals much faster than large incisions made by traditional surgery procedures.

Our minimally invasive procedure, pioneered at Northwest Surgery Center in Wisconsin, is very different from all of the others. Even the ones that also claim to be “minimally invasive.” We do not expose the entire bone, and there is no need for any internal hardware to support the bones. We create small incisions in the area, using local anesthesia, and remove the bunion internally by creating tiny fractures that in turn help us to realign the bones.

After the surgery, we use an external fixation, which includes wrapping your foot in a soft cast, using Coban and gauze to protect against external impacts and strains. Most surprisingly, you can walk, go to work, or even drive a car right after the surgery. Some of our patients also say it’s as comfortable and convenient as going to the dentist!

Life is a journey, and this journey should be as pain-free and enjoyable as possible. A cooperating body can make it much easier for us to thrive and contribute our best in life. A foot deformity or foot pain can badly distract the rhythm that is necessarily required to relish each moment. You shouldn’t have to bear foot pain or fear the barbaric procedures of the past to get relief from surgery. Allow Northwest Surgery Center to remove your bunion with our pioneered Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery. Schedule a free consultation today.

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