“This was such an easy surgery. I am so pleased with my results. I was comfortable the entire time, and I strongly recommend this type of surgery”

“I WALKED out of surgery with NO cast, no rope scares, NO hardware and NO cane, just a small ankle boot. This was amazing! Had the other foot done 3 weeks later! The staff is very friendly and helpful and I missed them after my final appointment! I wouldn’t change anything.”

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Same Day Consult and Destination Surgery Available

NWSC is contracted with Holiday Inn Express in Littleton, Colorado to offer our out- of- town patients a 15% discount on their lodging.

Are you looking for minimally invasive foot surgery options in Colorado? Recent advances in technology and techniques have created many successful outcomes for bunion, heel spur, and hammertoe patients, thus there is an excellent chance we can help you return to a life free from the pain in your feet. Schedule a free consultation today.

Hundreds of patients visit our surgery center near Denver, Colorado every year searching for relief from the discomfort of foot conditions that include bunions, heel spurs, and hammertoes.

What Happens During Your Consultation?

X-rays are used to carefully examine the damage arising as a result of the bunion, at which point a strategy between you and your surgeon will be developed to deal with the situation adequately. The surgeon will consider many factors when devising your treatment plan, including your age and your activity level.

What Happens on Surgery Day?

Once you decide to have minimally invasive foot surgery in our Denver based surgical center, you can be assured that you will receive only the highest quality of care from leading surgeons in the field. A minimally invasive procedure is used to achieve successful bunion and bone spur removal, and hammertoe correction that requires only a brief recovery period in one of our comfortable recovery rooms. Your friends and family are also very welcome to come in and be with you through the recovery time.