Bunions can range from mildly painful to completely debilitating, so it is only natural to search for the best ways to relieve bunion pain. Bunion corrector sandals are a popular choice, as they help align the big toe or pinky toe and relieve pressure on the bunion itself. Because bunions tend to make the big toe bend towards the toe next to it, sandals that create space between those toes can be beneficial at reducing pain and ensuring that the bunion does not become more irritated. While bunion corrector sandals can help relieve pain temporarily, they typically do not work long-term. Here is a closer look at why that is the case:    

What Are Bunion Corrector Sandals?

Bunions are often caused by wearing tight or ill-fitting shoes. Therefore, it makes sense that sandals would be a good footwear choice because they offer plenty of room for toes to spread out. Bunion corrector sandals often have orthopedic soles or inserts and a strap or other mechanism to separate your affected toe from the rest. This can help prevent rubbing and help align your toe correctly. However, these benefits only last while you are physically wearing the sandal; when you take them off, your bunion pain will return. 

Do Bunion Corrector Sandals Work Long-Term?

Unfortunately, bunion corrector sandals do not work long-term. They only address the symptoms of bunions, not the causes. Bunions are a bony bump that is the result of muscles, tendons, and/or ligaments becoming misaligned or misplaced. Bunion corrector sandals temporarily force your big toe back to its proper position and alignment, but this “fix” only lasts while wearing the sandals and does nothing to heal or remove your bunion. To repair this condition permanently, surgery is required. 

Bunions can worsen over time and grow more painful the longer they are left unattended, so pursuing medical treatment early is important. Sandals and other so-called “bunion treatments” are dangerous because they may make you believe that your bunion is getting better on its own. While these devices may help prevent bunions from worsening or hurting, they can not truly cure the root cause of bunions. 

Alternatives to Bunion Corrector Sandals

If a bunion causes frequent pain or interferes with your daily life, then surgery is your best option for treating it. Minimally invasive bunion surgery is ideal because it offers quick recovery times, minor pain after surgery, and only a small incision. With traditional bunion surgeries, patients typically cannot walk normally until 8 weeks post-operation; with minimally invasive surgery, patients can walk right out of the operating room and drive themselves home the same day. Only local anesthetic is used in minimally invasive surgery, so you don’t have to worry about being put under. You can resume your daily life immediately without interruption, making minimally invasive surgery one of the best ways to treat bunions.   

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