At Northwest Surgery Center, we understand that making the choice to undergo surgery is a big decision for many people, meaning it is reasonable for patients to be curious about all of their options when it comes to treating painful issues like bunions. Here at Northwest Surgery Center, we aim to be as transparent as possible when we discuss our treatment methods and surgical techniques. Today, we’ll address a question we get all the time: how long does it take to recover from bunion surgery?

Believe it or not, minimally invasive bunion surgery often doesn’t require any recovery time at all. Many of our patients can get up on their feet and walk around right after the surgery wearing a post-op shoe. Keep reading to learn more!

When to Get Bunion Surgery

Bunions may seem like a mild inconvenience initially. However, when left untreated, bunions can worsen with time. Bunions that are left untreated tend to grow, become more painful, and may even cause additional issues such as hammertoes or even major hip problems. The only way to definitively remove and cure a bunion once and for all is through a surgical procedure. As such, the sooner you choose to get bunion surgery, the sooner your pain and discomfort will end, and the better off you’ll be in the long run. 

Traditional Bunion Surgery

Many doctors still employ traditional bunion surgery as a means of treating and removing bunions. Unfortunately for patients, traditional bunion surgery is complex, painful, and time-consuming.

During a traditional bunion procedure, a medical professional will make one large incision along the side of the foot. They’ll then remove the bunion along with part of the bone before breaking and resetting the joint. Because traditional bunion surgery is so invasive, it requires the insertion of hardware like screws, wires, and/or metal plates within the incision to hold the new shape of the foot in place. The incision is then stitched shut. 

Traditional bunion surgery recovery time is extensive. First, the patient may have to stay off their feet entirely for at least two weeks – in some cases, even longer. Depending on the situation, some patients may need to abstain from physical activities for months. After the internal metal supports are removed, patients may still be required to wear a boot for several weeks or several months, during which time the patient will have to tend to stitches that cannot get wet, further limiting daily activities such as showering.

When it’s all said and done, traditional bunion surgery recovery time may take over six months. Worse, sometimes the patient may experience permanently reduced mobility because of the procedure. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that many patients are hesitant to receive conventional surgery for the treatment of bunions. Luckily, minimally invasive surgery at Northwest Surgery Center is a more viable – and virtually painless – procedure that makes treating common issues like bunions easier than ever before. 

Minimally Invasive Surgery

As opposed to traditional bunion surgery, minimally invasive surgery is much-more patient-friendly. Minimally invasive bunion surgery is performed using local anesthesia, meaning that only the foot is numbed during the procedure. From there, the medical professional will make several small incisions along the side of the foot to remove the bunion. The cuts are so small that they may be covered with a sterile strip. After that, the foot is wrapped in gauze. 

And that’s it. 

All told –– including pre-op and postoperative measures –– the entire surgery will last between 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Most patients who undergo minimally invasive surgery are able to walk out of the operating room, drive home, and go back to work the next day without a hitch. They wear a post-operative shoe for 4 weeks or less and can get back to an active lifestyle faster than is possible with traditional surgery.

If the fear of undergoing traditional surgery or reluctance to deal with a painful and prolonged recovery period is preventing you from seeking treatment for bunions, Northwest Surgery Center is here to help. 

From walking to exercising and everything in between, bunions can hinder your ability to perform everyday tasks and activities. If you’re tired of living with the pain associated with bunions, it’s time to undergo a minimally invasive surgical procedure!

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Our mission at Northwest Surgery Center is to provide fast and permanent relief from bunion pain to all who need it. Our expert team can help you find the perfect treatment option –– and we’ll work to get you back on your feet and firing on all cylinders ASAP. The only way to treat bunions is by undergoing surgery – and our minimally invasive procedures with little to no bunion surgery recovery time make it easier than ever to get your life back on track, free from pain.

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