There is a lot of hype around bunion splints, bunion socks, and other bunion correctors, but are they an alternative solution to surgery or just a temporary solution?

The simple answer is no. Even many of the people advertising bunion splints and other bunion correctors acknowledge that they are more a management tool than a cure. To explain while bunion splints and other bunion correctors don’t work, let’s take a look at what causes bunions.

What Causes Bunions?

Bunions are a hereditary condition that is caused by an abnormal pull from the tendons (peroneus longus tendon) in your feet. When you walk around without the correct support, the tendon’s pull becomes more abnormal.

As the tendon pulls it can cause your big toe to deviate, and then a large bump will develop on the side of your foot. Bunions are more than just a soft tissue problem; they are also a bone problem. This is why bunion splints, bunion socks, and other bunion correctors won’t cure your bunion. While they may provide you with temporary relief from the painful symptoms associated with the bunion, they will not reverse or cure the bunion.

How Do You Correctly Fix Bunions?

The only way to truly fix and correct bunions are with surgery. The good news is that bunion surgery is minimally invasive and almost pain-free! You won’t be required to stay overnight, and you’ll be driving yourself home after the procedure.


Many people put off getting bunion surgery because they’re worried about how long the recovery time will be. Bunion splints and other bunion correctors may help you alleviate some of the symptoms of your bunion, but they aren’t going to fix the underlying problem, which is causing you pain.

If you are suffering from bunions, hammertoe, corns, or heel spurs, don’t hesitate to contact us or schedule a free consultation.

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