Hammertoes are an uncomfortable toe deformity that can become a major hindrance to many people’s daily lives. Occurring when a toe joint curls upwards or downwards and sometimes featuring a corn or callus on the top of the foot, hammertoes are not only uncomfortable, but they are unsightly. 

Although hammertoe deformities are less than desirable for many patients, they are fairly common. Hammertoes have many causes, such as:

Improper Footwear

Similar to other foot deformities like bunions and bone spurs, hammertoes frequently occur as a result of wearing improper or poorly fitting footwear.  Uncomfortable shoes like high heels and shoes that are too small can put pressure on your toes in all the wrong places, causing complications like hammertoes. 


Hammertoes can develop as a result of a previous foot injury. If you have ever experienced an injury that bent, cracked, or otherwise altered your toes, there is a chance you could experience a hammertoe in the future. You should always consult your doctor after experiencing even a minor foot injury to ensure that your joints are not damaged in a way that could lead to deformities down the line. 


The natural shape of your feet can lead to complications and deformities such as hammertoes. If you have naturally flat feet, your body might put greater strain on your toes in an attempt to balance out your stance. This can lead to hammertoes. Overly arched feet could compensate by doing the same, resulting in a similar outcome.

If you have naturally flat or overly arched feet, wearing gel inserts or cushions to relieve extra pressure and balance out your stance naturally can not only minimize discomfort and help you walk better, but can greatly decrease your chances for experiencing foot deformities. 

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Although hammertoes can be extremely unsightly and uncomfortable, fast treatment and a painless recovery is possible for those who develop the condition. Minimally invasive surgery is a safe and effective treatment for hammertoes and can allow patients to get back to their lives pain free in no time. Minimally invasive hammertoe correction surgery is a 90 minute outpatient procedure with little to no recovery time – you can drive yourself home from surgery and return to work the  next day.

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