Bunions, if left untreated, can take a serious toll on your physical health and restrict your ability to do your normal day-to-day activities. These painful lumps on your foot or toe can prevent you from wearing normal shoes, walking correctly, and even going barefoot around the house. Treating bunions at their earliest signs, which include a bulging bump on your big toe or swelling and redness around its joint, is important in ensuring that bunions will not cause any health complications in the future. Once you have identified your problem as a bunion, it is important to seek treatment right away. One popular option is a bunion brace, however, physicians believe that these do not do much to help with the pain until after a bunion is removed with surgery

What is a Bunion Brace?

Typically used to treat mild cases of bunions, bunion braces (or bunion splints) are made of soft fabric and intend to cushion the areas of the foot that are most affected by bunions and associated pain. A bunion brace can alleviate pain as it removes pressure on the area while walking, as well as by reducing inflammation when worn over time. They can also be worn overnight to help with the realignment of the big toe. While these splints can relieve pain and discomfort associated with bunions, they do not fully treat the problem. Bunions must be surgically removed in order to completely go away.

Bunion Surgery

With our minimally invasive procedures, the surgical removal of bunions can be done quickly and easily with an outpatient procedure that can be completed in just one afternoon. With both pre-operative and post-operative care, a bunionectomy lasts about 2 hours on average, with the removal itself lasting only about 45 minutes. Most patients remain awake during this procedure and are able to drive themselves home (or even to work right away) as they will experience little to no pain at all. Minimally invasive bunion removal procedures are the best and most effective way to get rid of painful bunions for good and to minimize their risk of causing health complications in the future. 

Post-Op Bunion Braces

Although bunion braces might not get rid of a bunion completely, they are helpful in alleviating pain in the areas most affected by bunions. Bunion braces can be extremely effective in assisting with recovery following bunion surgery, as they can ensure that the tendons, ligaments, and bones in the foot maintain their proper natural shape throughout the healing process. Fully healing from bunion removal is important in ensuring the prevention of more bunions or other issues in the future. 

If you think you are experiencing signs or symptoms of bunions, it’s best to seek treatment right away. Contact Northwest Surgery Center to schedule a free consultation with our team of experts who specialize in foot conditions like bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs, and more. Contact us today to begin your healing process.