Dealing with the aching pain of bunions with each step you take during the day is bad enough, but you shouldn’t have to experience throbbing bunion pain at night as well. But what can be done to alleviate the symptoms while you’re laying in bed trying to recharge your batteries for another day? Luckily, there are actually a few things you can try.

Sleep With Splints

If you suffer from bunions and don’t have a splint or a brace, you are costing yourself sleepless nights that could otherwise go mostly undisturbed. By utilizing a splint while you sleep, you will be able to keep your bunion toe straight to alleviate some of the throbbing discomfort. Not only that but using a brace or splint can reduce friction and unwanted rubbing against your protruding bunion. Whether you’re using it at night or during the day, purchasing a splint is well worth the money when it comes to coping with your bunions.

Apply Ice

Nobody wants to deal with throbbing bunion pain at night when they are trying to get their precious beauty sleep. An effective way to silence the throbbing pain and reduce swelling is to apply ice. There are several types of ice packs available that can be used while sleeping, and their cooling agents fight against inflammation. By using an ice pack throughout the night—or even for a couple of hours during the day—you can significantly reduce your overall discomfort.

Late Night Stretching

One of the simplest ways to reduce throbbing bunion pain at night is by implementing a late-night stretching routine into your life. There are plenty of different bunion exercises one can try to keep the toe flexible and increase mobility, along with relaxing the muscles right before bed to eliminate tightness. Some quick and easy stretches include curling and straightening your big toe with added pauses, clutching small objects with your toe and lifting or dragging them, pulling your toe lightly, or even doing circular motions both clockwise and counterclockwise, among many others. Doing light stretching will help relax your muscles and loosen built-up tension right before bed to ensure a more restful sleep.

Rest and Relaxation

Throbbing bunion pain at night can disrupt your sleep schedule and prevent you from getting the rest you need, which can lead to a slew of other problems down the road. By utilizing resources like ice packs and bunion splints, as well as implementing toe stretches into your nightly routine, you will be putting yourself on the path of recovery for endless hours of sleep.

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