As anyone with bunions will know, the ailment is painful, annoying, and persistent. It leaves a throbbing, inflamed protrusion on the side of the foot that connects to the big toe in most cases, but there are instances where one can actually develop a pinky toe bunion as well. These types of bunions can be just as inconvenient as your typical bunions, and it’s natural that you would want to get them dealt with as quickly as possible. But how can you do so? What is the best way to get rid of a bunion on your pinky toe?

What is the Cause of a Pinky Toe Bunion?

Standard bunions generally form when pressure is applied to the foot or toe over a period of time and eventually the bump known as a bunion starts to form. The same principle applies to pinky toe bunions, also known as bunionettes. This can occur when wearing footwear that is too tight and narrow, after an injury to the foot, or perhaps due to genetics. The same instances that form bunions near the big toe are the same kinds of situations that will inevitably lead to bunions on the other side of your foot.

Ways to Minimize Symptoms

Just because a pinky toe bunion isn’t as pronounced as the kind you would find on a big toe doesn’t mean the symptoms are anything to ignore. They can still be tender, painful, and continuously ache until they’re dealt with. There are a few ways you can reduce these symptoms, such as wearing bunion pads to cut out some of the rubbing that can often occur. Other alternatives might include applying ice packs, doing stretches for your toe, finding more comfortable footwear, or taking over-the-counter medications to fight inflammation, such as Ibuprofen. While none of these methods can actually get rid of pinky toe bunions, they can prevent or reduce symptoms to some extent.

The Permanent Solution

If you are searching for a way to get rid of your pinky toe bunion permanently, there’s really only one way to do so: bunion surgery. Through minimally invasive surgery, you can have your bunions removed quickly and efficiently while allowing for the fastest recovery time possible. In addition to great results and fast recovery, the process of minimally invasive surgery itself leaves less scarring and inflicts less pain. Those hoping to get rid of their bunions any other way will be sorely mistaken, as surgical means are the only way to remove bunions for good.

Getting Rid of Your Pinky Toe Bunion

No matter what type of bunion pads you use or what kinds of stretches you implement, only surgery can completely remove bunions. But this doesn’t have to mean slicing your entire foot open just to fix your condition. With professionals like those at Northwest Surgery Center, you can have your bunion taken care of with minimally invasive surgery that will have you in and out of the operating room in a mere hours and driving yourself home. 

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