Sore bump sprouting on the side of your foot? This aching inflammation is most likely the result of bunions. Causing the bone inside the big toe to angle and press against the remaining inner toes, it can not typically be cured by any means other than surgery, but if your bunions are in the beginning stages–which are much milder–then using protective guards can help to alleviate the painful symptoms that follow. We’d still recommend seeking out removal surgery in the meantime because the earlier you can catch a bunion, the easier the removal is. But with countless variations of bunion guards and correctors, how can you decide which brands offer the best bang for your buck?

NatraCure’s Big Toe Bunion Guard

One of the most comfortable options for protecting your bunion sore, the NatraCure Big Toe Bunion Guard provides excellent comfort and protection. A gel base that pulls snuggly over your toe, this guard relieves joint pain and helps to decrease the amount of friction that occurs by implementing a toe separator between the big toe. It can be worn with shoes as easily as socks and is washable as well–no need to worry about sweaty feet stinking the thing up!

Bunion Guard by Flyen

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your bunion symptoms without having to resort to immediate surgery, this is a great guard to test out. Flyen’s Bunion Corrector & Bunion Relief Protector Sleeves Kit is a versatile toolset for fighting the progression of your bunions. This will help treat your aches and pains with a soft, friction-reducing sleeve that covers most of your foot in a thin and silky covering. The kit also comes with a gel toe separator and bunion guard that is accompanied by air holes to increase airflow, straps to build muscle strength in your feet, and a standard toe spacer. And if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, it offers a money-back guarantee!

Dr. Frederick’s Original Bootie Bunion Cushion

This sleeve straps around your foot and provides quick pain relief via gel padding. This option comes with two guards–one for each foot–that stretch to contour to your specific foot size, allowing for a wide range of size options. If it doesn’t fit well enough to your liking, they also offer a refund with no questions asked. This is an affordable option with great results and one that won’t stop you from performing the same daily activities that you’re used to doing. This is a sure way to temporarily keep your feet feeling comfortable if your bunions are still in the early stages.

Closing Thoughts

Bunion guards can help temporarily minimize the painful and irritating symptoms that bunions carry with them, but they can not permanently fix the problem. Northwest Surgery Center offers minimally invasive bunion surgery where we can remove your bunion virtually pain-free. If you’re suffering from painful, inflamed bunions and are searching for a permanent solution, don’t wait. Get the help you need and leave the pain in the past. Want to learn more? Reach out and set up a free consultation with our surgeon or contact us at 720-710-5298.