Anyone who has experienced or currently lives life with bunions knows that footwear can be a struggle. Even if you try bunion guards, socks, braces and more, you can still be uncomfortable in shoes. When summer rolls around and the sun is beating down on us, sandals can seem like a viable footwear option. Luckily, bunion sandals are a great way to comfortably experience the warmer months of the year without worrying about bunions. But what makes a great pair of sandals for someone with bunions?

Bunion Sandals Need Arch Support

Wearing flat sandals with bunions only sets you up for a bad day. Having sandals that provide arch support and fit the curvature of your feet will leave you more comfortable at the end of the day. Taking pressure off your big toe and distributing it among the rest of your foot–particularly the heel–can minimize the pain that tends to build up in the bunion spot. 

Toe Separators are an Important Trait of Bunion Sandals 

Having sandals that are specifically designed to separate your bunion toe from the rest of your toes is a great feature to look out for. They reduce the friction that occurs on your bunion and offer padded protection for your sensitive bunion spot. Many of the sandals that come with toe separators or dividers appear seamless and don’t stand out as being sandals tailored for bunions, so there is no need to feel self-conscious.

Comfort is Paramount

Ensuring that the sandals you’re wearing are not only stylish and functional but also comfortable is crucial for long-term wearability. Nobody is going to want to wear something that isn’t comfortable to them, regardless of how good they look in it or how well it keeps their bunions aligned. Being in pain to manage your bunions sort of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? The point of these sandals is to reduce discomfort, not shift it around to different parts of the foot. At the end of the day, it has to be comfy.

Bunion Sandals Deserve to be Stylish

Who says comfort and style can’t coexist? It’s not an unreasonable request, and many bunion sandal designers have done a fine job in ensuring that they are pleasing to the eye; however, as with any piece of clothing, they are not all created equal. Know that just because you might have to purchase bunion sandals as opposed to regular ones, that does not mean that your feet have to look like bread boxes. Functionality should come first to ensure your bunions are as well off as they can be, but after that, pick out a pair that suits your fancy, there are plenty of options.

Final Thoughts

While bunion sandals can be great for relieving the pain and discomfort that comes with having bunions, they do not provide a solution to the root problem. Why wear bunion sandals when you could get your bunions removed and wear any kind of sandal you want? Or any kind of boot, sneaker, or heels for that matter? Northwest Surgery Center can provide you with the care you need to permanently cure your bunions with minimally invasive surgery. Our surgeon can offer you the chance to experience all the activities you love to do without the irritation of bunions.

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