Foot pain is flat out terrible. It can affect how you engage in basic, everyday activities and leave you feeling miserable. Whether you are working in the corporate world wearing high heels or dress shoes every day, or you’re a stay-at-home parent chasing after small kids, pain in your feet can severely disrupt your daily routine.

You shouldn’t take the formation of bunions lightly. Although they may be manageable at first, the pain can intensify and cause more significant problems in the future if not taken care of promptly. So, to answer our question of the day: can toe separators for bunions help your pain? (Short answer: not really.)

What are Bunions and How Do They Form?

Bunions are bumps that form on the side of the big toe joint. They are hard, bony, and sometimes red. Although you will usually find bunions on your big toe, they can also develop on the little toe joint. These bumps can be extremely painful and cause your toes to swell.

Bunions can form in different ways. The most common reason behind the formation of a bunion is wearing poorly fitting shoes. High heels, shoes that are too big or too small, or shoes that don’t have a lot of support can play a factor in whether you get a bunion or not. 

Some people are also more likely to get bunions based on hereditary factors. The shape and structure of the bones in your feet can make you more susceptible to bunions. One of the most challenging parts of having a bunion is finding pain relief while trying to get treatment, and that is where toe separators come in handy. 

How Do Toe Separators Work?

In theory, one of the easiest methods for quick pain removal for your bunion is using a toe separator. These devices slide over your big toe, your second toe, or sometimes both, to create a space between the toes and take pressure off the bunion. Or at least, that’s how they’re supposed to work. Most of the time, toe separators for bunions accomplish little more than short-term pain relief. And as bunions grow and get worse over time, devices like toe separators will prove even less effective.

Toe separators are usually made of a gel-like material to provide the most comfort. Some separators extend down over the ball of your foot. If you feel pain in the ball of your foot and on the bunion, you can find a toe separator that will give you some relief.

While there are various toe separators for bunions to choose from, remember that this will only be a temporary fix at best. Toe separators will relieve pressure while in use but will not make the bunion go away. As such, the best thing to do if you have a bunion is to seek out treatment from a professional.

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