Does your foot hurt each time you slip on a pair of shoes due to your bunions? Can’t go for a job without throbbing pain causing you to take breaks? It’s time to do something about the bunion pain that has been taunting you day after day. The ultimate fix is surgery, where you can permanently remove your bunion and get back to regular life. However, if your bunion is small or pain is just starting, you can try using toe spacers for bunions to relieve some of the discomfort that continues to nag at you. But with such a variety of choices, how can you find the right toe spacers for the job? You’ve got a few options.

Ask Your Healthcare Provider

A good starting point when looking for top-quality toe spacers for bunions is to ask your healthcare provider. Bringing up the issue of your bunions with a provider and seeing what sort of brace or toe spacer they recommend will set you off right away with a quality piece of equipment. They should have a few good options for you that previous patients have used and seemed to be satisfied with in the past. In some cases, a provider can even have a brace or toe spacer specifically made for you as a prescription. If you decide that the toe spacer you have chosen is uncomfortable or isn’t exactly the right fit for your needs, you can always switch it out with a different one at any point–it’s not a one-and-done deal.

Identify Types of Toe Spacers for Bunions

Knowing what sorts of spacers are available to you plays a large role in choosing the right one for your needs. Some encompass the entire big toe and the surrounding side of the foot in a gel-like barrier, while others fit snugly onto the second toe with a small divider to push the big toe into normal alignment. There are types that link the big toe and the second toe together with a small divider in the middle, and even some that fit around each toe on your foot like a pair of brass knuckles for your foot. Not to mention the plethora of bunion guard braces to try as well. Regardless of which you decide on, there are numerous to pick from.

Test a Variety of Toe Spacers for Bunions

What better way to find the right toe spacers for bunions than by testing out multiple pairs? Go online and look up some of the best-reviewed ones you can find on the internet, look into a few different types of designs and styles, different materials used in them, and so on. It would not be very cost-efficient to buy a truck-load of toe spacers for bunions, but purchasing a few, say three two to four, will give you several options to try out that are each different in one way or another, allowing you to determine which variation suits you best.

Why Hunt Down Toe Spacers For Bunions?

Even if you are able to find the perfect pair of spacers, they are only a temporary solution to a never ending problem. If you want to put an end to the discomfort and throbbing pain that has been afflicting your life ever since it first formed on the side of your foot, the only way to cure it is through surgery. 

Northwest Surgery Center has trained professionals that can perform minimally-invasive surgery to remove any and all bunions that may be protruding from your feet. Looking to have surgery performed so that you can wake up in the morning without being constantly reminded of your bunions? Contact us or call our toll-free number at 800-873-1060 to learn more.

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