Heel spurs aren’t just annoying, they’re painful, restrictive, and persistent. If you want to get rid of them for good, you’ll need surgery—but don’t worry, as modern surgical techniques allow for minimally invasive procedures that will keep your foot from undergoing excessive cuts and incisions.

After that comes the recovery process. For this, you are going to need a reliable orthotic to keep your tender foot safe and comfortable, the best way to do so being a heel spur boot or as we call it, a post-operative shoe. Not only will they help with your post-surgery recovery, but they’ll keep you from experiencing much pain in the process. At Northwest Surgery Center, we’ll provide you with a post-operative shoe of your own (which some of our patients bedazzle and decorate for the four weeks or less that they’ll be wearing it). But why do you have to wear it?

What Does a Heel Spur Boot Look Like?

There are many different heel spur boots and post-operative shoes across the web. They come in a varying level of support, from mild to strong. Some provide strong cushioning for the heel that allows you to rest or walk with minimal discomfort. And while you certainly don’t want to get your boot wet, there are some that offer a level of water resistance in the event that it should happen. One should also ensure that the boot is the right fit for their particular build if they hope to be comfortable while wearing it, which essentially comes down to correct sizing. If you’re coming to visit us for surgery, we will ensure you have the right size!

The post-operative shoe that we provide is open in the front with a rigid sole. It also has straps that you can adjust. They are large enough to fit bandages comfortably while giving you more protection as you bear weight on your foot.

Why Do You Have to Wear a Heel Spur Boot for Recovery?

The main reason why we require patients to wear their post-operative shoe for four weeks or less is that this shoe can help change how your foot carries weight. The hard sole of the shoe is very important as it keeps your foot and toes from flexing as you walk. While you may feel that you’re walking “flat-footed”, this roll from heel to toe will actually be more comfortable for you. By increasing the movement that the shoe allows, it can help decrease any pain you experience in recovery. It can also improve your circulation through these slight muscle movements, aiding in quick healing. 

Looking For a Quick Heel Spur Recovery?

Wearing a comfortable heel spur boot is sure to make your recovery period an easier one, allowing you a reasonable level of pain-free mobility throughout your day. When this is combined with Northwest Surgery Center’s minimally invasive surgical procedures, you’ll be able to walk straight out of the hospital on the very same day that it is performed.

Are you ready to take the first step in your heel spur recovery journey? We’re here to help. At Northwest Surgery Center, our medical team has the experience and skills needed to make your life comfortable again. Simply contact us today or call our toll-free number at 800-873-1060 to learn more about our free consultation.